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User Reports

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Reports are a feature on MyExpenses which will let you report on various parts of the system.

Below is an explanation of each of the various user levels and the reports available within those levels.

To display the list of the reports click on the Reports button located on toolbar.


Within the report there is various options to export / save the report or you can just view this within the browser.


Clicking on the floppy disk icon will enable you to export / save the report in various formats.


List of User Reports

A standard user has access to reports which will display different information based on the requirement.

User reports

Expense Claims Summary - This report is to view a summary of all claims made within a date range, there is date filters available and an active claim filter. Claims will then be separated out by the day in which they were created.

Expense Claim Details - View details of claims that are selectable by claim ID and a date range. The filters available in this report are Expense claim number and a date from / to filter. Information is then displayed based on these filters.

Expense Claim Summary - This report will display information of all your open claims.

Analysis of Spend - This will display information based on the claim category. It has a date filter available on the report and each category has a drop-down and this will display the claim number that category was claimed under.

Cost Analysis of Site-to-Site Travel - View all details of any Site-to-Site travel by a date range.

Mileage By Category - View information based on mileage you have undertaken by date range and category. You can filter information based on date and category and it will display the mileage per claim and the total of the claim.

Mileage Over Date Range - View mileage undertaken over a range of dates. The information is split by month and will give a total mileage undertaken over the month and per claim.

Vehicle and Mileage - View mileage undertaken over date range per vehicle added to your profile. Information per vehicle and the total mileage in that vehicle is shown.

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